Friday, September 26, 2008

hey now!

first off, Is, that's awesome! unfortunately, most of the olympic sailing events weren't televised, so i had to watch a lot of em on crappy internet posts. but windsurfing is incredibly bad-ass. england won a bunch of the sailing medals, and my top pick, estonia, was unfortunately not able to beat out the kiwis in the single-handed division. oh well!
in other news, i have a new job! its an entry level position with an outsourced sales/marketing company. i handle small business accounts for verizon. since verizon is a big evil company, its actually way more cost-effective to send nice guys like me around to places and pitch stuff, especially cause im completely on commission right now! i know what you're thinking, but working for the man is actually turning out to be pretty fun. every morning is an orgy of pumping up, playing games, and an incredible amount of high-fiving and general w00p w00ping! i'm out in the field all day visiting businesses (setting my own hours, etc), and meeting and interacting with a whole variety of long islanders. the other day i walked into a laser hair removal place, walked up to the dude behind the counter, said hi! my names joe, verizon sent me out to check on some routine service updates blah blah blah, and he says look dude. two options. one, have a seat, i call the cops, and get you arrested for trespassing. two, you walk away, i never see you again. so that was fun! a big tattooed guy in an auto body repair place threatened to break my f-ing legs! secretaries tell me all the time that they're not allowed to tell me who they use for phone service, or even how many phones they have! plus side: sometimes you walk into an office, like a little insurance agency, talk with a nice office manager, sit down and fill out 5 minutes of paperwork, convert 12 old phone lines to an updated line type, and walk out 240 dollars richer!

OTHER NEWS: i, and many of my kind, am in desperate need of some hot dragoncloud reunion action. let's make that happen?! i definitely wanna make another trip or two or three down to DC this fall/winter! and skiing upstate/elsewhere too! anybody wanna go to vermont to ski this season? got a buddy with a huge house near stratton! eh!? peace out kiddies!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hello friends.

This is an effort to resuscitate this blog, following a conversation I had with certain important individuals.

I wanted to write you a funny little anecdote, but unfortunately I don't really have any interesting stories in my brain at the moment. So instead I will inform you that Israel won 1 bronze medal during the Olympics, in windsurfing. I don't care how many America won. I love America, but it wins lots of medals all the time, and it is therefore not at all exciting. It is a very emotional event when Israel wins medals in the Olympics, because we don't have that many.

The end!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mike is dumb!

Dear Friends,
I just read Mike's absurdly circuitous internet sex post (I believe they're called... blogs?) and was shocked, SHOCKED! well okay not that shocked, to learn that there was nothing of any value in it. Anyways, two things. One, I just played ultimate frisbee in astoria park (right under the triborough bridge) and it was sweet. it happens tuesdays and thursdays at 6ish. i forget if anyone in this glorious network of friends lives in the city, so maybe this information is not relevant. too bad!
Secondly, and this also applies mainly to anyone in the NYC area, is that theres a thing at a place. I'm gonna go and you should too. Look:
I should bring something to be signed. T-shirt? Bender action figure? Breasts?
These questions and more,

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sorry, I can't blog and I made an extra post. I hope everyone will reply with absurdities and accusations of polygamy and none such.

Look, I've been watching a bunch of "The Office"...look. (Ok, BSG fans, look at episode 4:11 for the office and Mike is wearing a BSG sweatshirt at the end) ....( I hate you all)

Ok, My life has been particularly eventful...even when it hasn't been. I miss everyone. I'm really hoping I get into the KTH (Random Switzerland thingie), but don't expect anything...and I miss b-day parties, and dance parties and monday trivia nights and such. Also, I miss playing Ping Pong.

I don't remember everyone who's going to Miami, but so far.. I wish everyone could go...and it seems stupid that we all can't meet up and hang out. I know this isn't practical for everybody...and I say...ok...DAMMIT...fork dork!!!...that's unfortunate...ok...we'll work this out...don't worry people...

I hated it last time... that I couldn't hang out w/everyone and I was an idiot and screwed up my arm....psh...pheh...ok...yea...I'm dumb....I accept this fact and I wish I could have fixed it, but I couldn't... so I can't.

Look...I will always miss you all and I will always carry you all with me in the unlikely story that is america...and I hope that we all can become..that which we dream to be...I know that you all are some of the utmost amazing people that I've ever met in my life. I know this is all heart warming and such, but if anyone tries to blackmail me, I will challenge you to a duel in any video game that there is. You will beg your gods for forgiveness when you cry for extra lives.

I miss my relatively short encounter with you all and wish all but the best for everyone. Please don't leave me here....PLEASE HELP ME....OMG LOL ROTFL BOLBAMSC (Bob Ogle loves bagels and medium styrofoam cups.)



Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dear Team,

I ordered a movie on ILL today for a project I'm doing, and none other than edward james olmos is in it. I got a might bit excited, as you can imagine.

OK thats all, just wanted to let you know.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am going to propose something....

and if you don't like it, FUCK YOU.

Once upon a time there was a concert named Coachella. It was awesome and on the other side of the United States of America. Then the people that set up Coachella wanted to do something for the the more awesome coast. Enter: All Points West (on the east?) Any way here's an article about it:

Tell me if you smell a reunion coming on.



Thursday, January 3, 2008

A story.

Today I went to CVS to buy some soap and shampoo. After picking out said items off the shelves, I waited in line to pay. I was the last one on the line, and there was only one kid ringing people up. When I went up to pay, the kid said hi, and asked if I had a CVS card, and I said no, and then he completed the transaction and I paid and he put the products I purchased in a bag. Then, after all this completely normal stuff happened, as I was putting my wallet away, I saw him grab an almost empty bottle of mouth wash that he had next to the cash register. He opened it up, poured some mouth wash into the cap, and drank it in front of me.

Now, I know that this particular CVS is notorious for sucking as a place of employment. It has an even worse reputation than the Shoprite located in that very same shopping center. I know this because I know several people who used to work in that CVS, and I know several people who used to work in that Shoprite, and as much as the Shoprite people say it was the worst job ever, everyone is in agreement that CVS is way worse. And I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to survive such horrible work environments, co-workers, customers, and most importantly in the cases of these two particular establishments, bosses. But mouth wash? Seriously?