Thursday, November 22, 2007

A new Blanding bursts into the world

So as of Sunday, I have become Uncle Mike...and soo I will get the prefix "crazy". We're very fortunate that it's not one of those, "Oh...what" spawns, but one of those "" babies.

His name is Andrew Wyland Blanding. Drew for short. Here are some pictures.

So I can't wait to spoil him rotten in the future.

In other news, we still don't have internet at our place in D.C., but I have internet at the library of an hour per day. I really did miss you all and the halloween bash, and I expect every dirty detail to be exposed, even if they never happened. My manager at work felt really bad for being incompetent and not giving me that weekend off, so I get an extra day for thanksgiving break. psh.

Not too much to report on the home front. Evan is trying to get a job w/americorp also, so I'll be the only one not selling out to the man. w00t. Also shoutout to my homeslice Jeff about Avatar and frackin Blood bending.

For anyone who has any days off during the break, there's always welcome to come down and experience the joy that is the Wheaton shoppington food court. Speaking of filling our bodies with refuse and alcohol, WHENS GONNA BE THE NEXT REUNION TOUR D' STYLE CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!???!!!

OK, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Joe, enjoy your Turducken, I hope you burn in hell for creating and enjoying such a Chimera beast!, Jeff, I expect nothing less than the best of christmas brews from your distillery (you are the new Geneseo Ale House), Neil, I hope you lose every bet you make with joe and die a poor and miserable death. Brendan, i hope your trip across the sea's have left you jaded and callous and no more than a shell of a human being. Bob, I hope your death will be shortly followed by the extraction of your brain to be implanted into a recently slain supermodel so you will be forever pleased with yourself (and your marriage to Joe will be legit too). Andrew, my brother named his son after you, so your legacy will live on.

And all the ladies, much love, one one..bu-ya-shak