Friday, June 29, 2007

I have just learned

that Craigslist has a 'free' section. Apparently, people list stuff they don't want, and you contact them and set up a time to pick it up. Someone in DC has listed a ping-pong table. If only I had room.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


As of 30 min. ago, I have 2 interviews down in florida: one at Pine School or one at North Broward Prep. Both are Prep schools and I'm angry cause I'm gonna have to take out all my piercings (no surprize there, jerks). Anyveys, I just reserved my tickets and Pine school is gonna pay for half...sweet. While I'm down there, I might as well go and apply to the Piper cub airplane making place too...and my the best paying job win.

So I now have to work for the father once again, but the best part is that tomorrow I will be driving to the Rush concert. WOOOOOOO.....I think. Joe and/or Brendan, please contact me about what the itinerary is. I just work here, buddy.

Ok, so I will be going to Stonybrook. If people need a place to put extra cars, or anything of that sort, Bristol is pretty close to Stonybrook (relatively). After Stonybrook, I will be camping w/Dave in Mauntauk, then possibly over to joe's (pending) or up to Maine to visit the cousin (pending). And then I'll be going down to Florida to teach and live (pending job).

So much for free time.

By the way....


-End transmission


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

oh, and by the way

Everyone that currently belongs to this blog is an admin, so everyone should be able to make changes to the format/picture/text/title if you feel it necessary.

You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor...

Hi everyone. I'm at work right now. For those of you not in the know, I started my new job at the World Bank in Washington, DC on Monday. It runs through October 24. The department that I work in is in charge of processing applications for the World Bank-International Monetary Fund annual meeting, held in late October. Banks send long lists of delegates to our office, and we clear them for admission, respond telling them that they've been admitted, and then when it comes time for the meeting, actually issue them badges allowing them to enter. Pretty straightforward, clerical stuff. Unfortunately, if no one sends any information to us that needs to be processed, our department doesn't really have anything to do. That's where we're at now. I have spent the past three days going over details of the trip to Stony Brook and graduate school stuff, alternately. It's been nice, because I'm making money to do the things I would normally have to do anyway, and I'm not exposed to dangerous, festering plants like Jeff is. My search for graduate schools has been kind of fruitful, I guess, but confusing at the same time. Because I don't have initial certification like most teaching candidates at this point in their careers, I have to apply for more non-traditional programs, it seems. Some schools, like Geneseo, don't even offer programs to people who aren't initially certified (bastards). Binghamton, Albany, and Brockport, the three schools I have spent the most time looking at, offer three completely different programs. Has anybody else spent time looking at graduate schools, or is anyone interested to moving to one of these three locales in late December-early January? c'mon, you know you want to!


Does anyone want to join a fantasy football league? Give me your e-mail address if you do!


So here's an update on 'ole Jeffy. I have had a wonderfully relaxed summer; all I do is play basketball all day long and drink some of my homemade beer by night (this batch called Brownstorm, Wasagastorm is on the way!). Things couldn't be better! THEN, the unimaginably unthinkable happened!!!! I was doing some outdoor chores for my parental units, including the act of weeding, when I was smitten by the eternal itch-blight of the vile Iviceron (this is my attempt to make my current suffering of poison ivy more exciting). My face quickly swelled to three times the size of a gluttonous walrus with 3.76 throbbing goiters and a tumultuous, trumpet fanny (what?). Luckily, my Doc put me on steroids! WOOO! Anyways, I have been wasting my last few days away doing nothing, for I am not allowed to perspire or be exposed to the sun in fear that my itch-blight might turn into the cancerous bubonic AIDS yeast infection titty boner shark plague. However, since the ingestion of steroids I am healing up nicely, AND MY BICEPS HAVE GROWN TO THE SIZE OF A MOUNTAIN OF BURNING, VEINY KITTENS FROM HELLLLLLLL (not really)!!!!!
On a different note, I have just landed an apartment in Geneseo for my upcoming year in grad school. I will be living in a nice little apartment on 65 Center Street. Starting in September, everyone is invited to visit and stay over! Wooooo hoooo! I'm very sorry I cannot take part in the super mega camping trip of awesomeness, but I had a camping trip already planned for that weekend waaay in advance. I AM MISSING YOU ALL SORELY (butts butts butts butts). HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!

P.S. Hats off to for creating this blog, it is a wonderful idea I do believe!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007




This blog has been created so that members of the Dragoncloud may share stories of their life. Please post as often as possible. I thought it appropriate that the first post on this site should be a 61-message drunken tirade from one, Joseph B. Feinsilver, in which he makes many profound and important points:

sketchapocalypse (2:31:47 AM): when am i to visit you in our nation's glorious capital?

Auto response from Broccolifrolic (2:31:47 AM): bed!

sketchapocalypse (2:31:49 AM): slash
sketchapocalypse (2:31:58 AM): how many museums can we hit in a weekend?
sketchapocalypse (2:32:01 AM): figure like
sketchapocalypse (2:32:05 AM): smithsonian, air & space
sketchapocalypse (2:32:11 AM): vietnam wall
sketchapocalypse (2:32:20 AM): jefferson, washington
sketchapocalypse (2:32:37 AM): i heard from a friend today that the bar hopping scene in DC sucks
sketchapocalypse (2:32:51 AM): this is from visiting a friend at american, and i dunno how close youll be
sketchapocalypse (2:32:52 AM): also
sketchapocalypse (2:33:05 AM): that public transportation in dc stops at like midnight
sketchapocalypse (2:33:09 AM): which is whack
sketchapocalypse (2:33:21 AM): how is one to get home at 4 in the morning completely trashed?
sketchapocalypse (2:33:34 AM): this is why the late great robert moses invented the subway and the highway
sketchapocalypse (2:34:09 AM): although it seems he was quite the bigot and racist
sketchapocalypse (2:34:11 AM): for example
sketchapocalypse (2:34:43 AM): all of the parkways that lead from long island and new york city to the beaches are constructed so that no city bus can get there
sketchapocalypse (2:34:47 AM): coincidence?
sketchapocalypse (2:34:52 AM): i don't know
sketchapocalypse (2:35:03 AM): but i'll be damned if the truth doesn't reveal itself
sketchapocalypse (2:35:12 AM): in the course of my investigation
sketchapocalypse (2:35:14 AM): also
sketchapocalypse (2:35:23 AM): what are you doing with your rush ticket?
sketchapocalypse (2:36:08 AM): since i have heard from semi-credible and semi-dubiuous sorcerers that you will have relocated your occumapation and domicile
sketchapocalypse (2:36:28 AM): these are the questions and demands i impose upon you!
sketchapocalypse (2:36:30 AM): in return,
sketchapocalypse (2:36:36 AM): 1 - yes, i am drunk.
sketchapocalypse (2:36:58 AM): 2 - i am prepared to negotiate a deal concerning a large area of newfoundland
sketchapocalypse (2:37:44 AM): 3 - sucks, just saying. it told me i like nature, thinking, and helping, and not persuading or organizing
sketchapocalypse (2:37:49 AM): waste of everyone's valuable tim
sketchapocalypse (2:37:51 AM): e
sketchapocalypse (2:37:53 AM): *time
sketchapocalypse (2:37:58 AM): tomorrow
sketchapocalypse (2:38:00 AM): i plan to
sketchapocalypse (2:38:02 AM): sleep late
sketchapocalypse (2:38:04 AM): drink coffee
sketchapocalypse (2:38:13 AM): though they have this new thingamajig at dunkin donuts
sketchapocalypse (2:38:21 AM): sobe energy coolatta
sketchapocalypse (2:38:25 AM): its pretty good
sketchapocalypse (2:38:56 AM): tastes like a slurpee, with a similar texture
sketchapocalypse (2:39:08 AM): and a similar propensity towards delivering brain freeze
sketchapocalypse (2:39:18 AM): its a little too xpensive, and also its green
sketchapocalypse (2:39:28 AM): but pretty good nonetheless
sketchapocalypse (2:39:47 AM): after i sleep late and abuse caffeine, i am going to sit and read in the sun
sketchapocalypse (2:39:54 AM): and then sail around on a small sloop
sketchapocalypse (2:40:04 AM): with a large box of beer and a friend or two
sketchapocalypse (2:40:29 AM): why just today i took out ms. molly
sketchapocalypse (2:40:32 AM): (good golly)
sketchapocalypse (2:40:40 AM): we had a lot of wind and were moving pretty fast
sketchapocalypse (2:41:01 AM): i just watched an episode of law n order
sketchapocalypse (2:41:16 AM): n which the great captain jack convinced a catholic priest to tesity
sketchapocalypse (2:41:18 AM): testify
sketchapocalypse (2:41:33 AM): even though it was sooooorta privileged information
sketchapocalypse (2:41:56 AM): and then mr. mccoy delivered a compelling argument about how religion is dumb and laws are groovy nd yada yada yada
sketchapocalypse (2:42:02 AM): i wasnt really paying a lot of attention
sketchapocalypse (2:42:29 AM): okay thats enough messages to leave you with
sketchapocalypse (2:42:49 AM): i trust you'll hire an independent firm to decipher these previous messages
sketchapocalypse (2:43:03 AM): each one is laden with hieroglyphics and metaphors and cheese
sketchapocalypse (2:43:40 AM): in the mean time
sketchapocalypse (2:43:52 AM): may the gods protect you
sketchapocalypse (2:43:59 AM): and may allah smile upon you always