Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mike is dumb!

Dear Friends,
I just read Mike's absurdly circuitous internet sex post (I believe they're called... blogs?) and was shocked, SHOCKED! well okay not that shocked, to learn that there was nothing of any value in it. Anyways, two things. One, I just played ultimate frisbee in astoria park (right under the triborough bridge) and it was sweet. it happens tuesdays and thursdays at 6ish. i forget if anyone in this glorious network of friends lives in the city, so maybe this information is not relevant. too bad!
Secondly, and this also applies mainly to anyone in the NYC area, is that theres a thing at a place. I'm gonna go and you should too. Look: http://www.kidrobot.com/content.cfm?section=adult_swim
I should bring something to be signed. T-shirt? Bender action figure? Breasts?
These questions and more,

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