Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sorry, I can't blog and I made an extra post. I hope everyone will reply with absurdities and accusations of polygamy and none such.

Look, I've been watching a bunch of "The Office"...look. (Ok, BSG fans, look at episode 4:11 for the office and Mike is wearing a BSG sweatshirt at the end) ....( I hate you all)

Ok, My life has been particularly eventful...even when it hasn't been. I miss everyone. I'm really hoping I get into the KTH (Random Switzerland thingie), but don't expect anything...and I miss b-day parties, and dance parties and monday trivia nights and such. Also, I miss playing Ping Pong.

I don't remember everyone who's going to Miami, but so far.. I wish everyone could go...and it seems stupid that we all can't meet up and hang out. I know this isn't practical for everybody...and I say...ok...DAMMIT...fork dork!!!...that's unfortunate...ok...we'll work this out...don't worry people...

I hated it last time... that I couldn't hang out w/everyone and I was an idiot and screwed up my arm....psh...pheh...ok...yea...I'm dumb....I accept this fact and I wish I could have fixed it, but I couldn't... so I can't.

Look...I will always miss you all and I will always carry you all with me in the unlikely story that is america...and I hope that we all can become..that which we dream to be...I know that you all are some of the utmost amazing people that I've ever met in my life. I know this is all heart warming and such, but if anyone tries to blackmail me, I will challenge you to a duel in any video game that there is. You will beg your gods for forgiveness when you cry for extra lives.

I miss my relatively short encounter with you all and wish all but the best for everyone. Please don't leave me here....PLEASE HELP ME....OMG LOL ROTFL BOLBAMSC (Bob Ogle loves bagels and medium styrofoam cups.)



acidwashpants said...

I will never forgive Akon, for breaking and/or signing your arm

joe said...

mikey we all know that you would best me in feats of strength, dexterity, and intelligence. Unless of course the game in question is space empires 5! I will ruin your empire (in 253 turns).